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Трибют-сингл от Maizie Williams

Новая редакция трибют-видео Мэйзи Уилльямс (Maizie Williams - участница оригинального состава Boney M.) "Josephine Baker", сделанное в память об умершем в прошлом году коллеге по группе - легендарном Бобби Фаррэлле (Bobby Farrell). В трэке использованы аудиосэмплы последней совместной работы Мэйзи и Бобби, созданной в 1989 году (сингл "Все хотят танцевать как Джозефин Бэйкер"). В новом клипе, соответственно, также использованы архивные фрагменты видео с участием Бобби (1989).
Релиз нового сингла намечен на 3 октября (накануне дня рождения Бобби, которому 6 октября исполнилось бы 62 года).
CD-сингл выходит весьма ограниченным тиражом (всего лишь 1000 копий) и будет доступен для заказа фанам группы через вэб-сайт Мэйзи Уилльмс www.maiziewilliams.com . Тем, кому не достанется это коллекционное издание, смогут скачать трэки через платные музыкальные сервисы iTunes и т.д.

Оригинальный текст пресс-релиза, распространённый менеджментом Мэйзи:

Bobby Farrell & Maizie Williams release new single October 3rd 2011
Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell were both original members of the 70s & 80s super group Boney M. They are known for having monster hits with songs such as Daddy Cool, Ma Baker, Rasputin, Sunny, Brown Girl in the ring and Rivers of Babylon.

When Bobby passed away last year, Maizie wanted to do something for him as a tribute. Bobby was so well known for his flamboyant dancing in the group and Maizie thought that Bobby’s comparison was very much like the French icon Josephine Baker. Ms. Baker also sashayed on the Paris stage during the 1920’s with a comic, yet sensual appeal that took people by storm. And one dance routine still pinned to her today is that extraordinary banana dress performance.

This vision led to a new recording that would be titled “Josephine Baker” which would feature Maizie Williams singing together with Bobby Farrell dancing. The video uses archive images of Bobby taken from footage recorded in 1989, plus footage from the Josephine Baker era.

This is the first new single released that involves two members of Boney M in over 30 years and surprisingly it is a catchy dance number following in the foot steps of artists like Lady Gaga, David Guetta and Duck Sauce whom all turned to sampling the melodic sounds of Boney M. This popular sampling method was also applied to “Josephine Baker” sounding like a sample from Boney M while being an original track.

Maizie says, “Bobby was the real image of Boney M. His dancing was the most unique at that time. I remember the very first time when I approached him in a nightclub while he was working as a DJ and he would just not stop dancing while changing the records. When I said you look great and would you join a new group that I was helping to put together, he just kept on dancing and said, “yes man - I’m in”.”

Bobby was a treasure and well loved around the world and will truly be missed and this track is very special. The single is released on download Monday 3rd October, being the birthday week of Bobby Farrell - Born on 6th.

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