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Marcia Barrett: LIVE in Berlin

Как мы уже сообщали в нашем блоге, в прошлом году солистка оригинального состава Boney M. Марсия Баррэтт (Marcia Barrett) выступила с сольной программой в рамках международного симпозиума "Культурная дипломатия", проходившем в Берлине (Германия). Накануне концерта она выступила
со специальным докладом "Музыка как социальный фактор", рассказав о своих поездках по миру и о том, как музыка стала универсальным средством общения между народами. Кроме того, певица, сражающаяся с тяжёлым онкологическим заболеванием уже более 15 лет, отметила как выжен её пример для тех, кто уже совсем было отчаялся, узнав о подобном диагнозе.
Все последние годы именно музыка была тем главным спасительным лекарством, которое помогло ей не только выжить, но и продолжить певческую карьеру. Пожалуй именно Марсия является самой активной из оставшихся участников Boney M. Она регулярно выпускает новые записи и не забывает общаться со своими фанами. Ближайшая встреча легенды Boney M. с европейскими поклонниками состоится в том же Берлине 26 февраля в Hard Rock Cafe (смотрите раздел Fan Meeting Berlin 2011).

An Interview with Marcia Barrett (Lead Singer of Boney M.)
26/05/2010 Interview conducted by James Hood

Q1. Some of the places you have visited have been plagued with crippling issues, such as South Africa with its continuing problem with the HIV/AIDS pandemic and India with its large-scale poverty. Do you believe that western governments are contributing enough to ensure that these issues are able to be resolved?

In 2000 I was there for AIDlink. In 2003 I was involved with blind children in Romania. War Child was another. I'm very disturbed actually, about the unpeaceful world. Everybody fighting every day, why can't people just live together? Warchild is an organisation that deals with the kids that are left behind without parents. On my CD No War! Peace and Love, I contributed to them. I am constantly active to help people when I can, and when I heard about this wonderful event here tonight and knew I'd be Berlin, I had to come!

Q2. The connection between music and politics has a long history. What role do you think music can play in international relations? Has your music ever been inspired by political events?

Most Boney M songs are telling real stories. I had wonderful song writers who came up with these concepts. Now I write all my own songs. Once you are so successful everyone wants you to sing what they write. When I went to Russia, we made history by being the first band from the west to go to Russia in 1978. We paved the way from then on. Since then Paul McCartney has been and Elton John, but that was years later. We were the group that made history. We did ten concerts in a week and two shows a day. All the shows were sold out and it was definitely an experience that I will never forget. When we were in the hotel, we couldn’t get anything to eat, but when they threw a party for us, everything was there, caviar, salmon, everything was top of the line, and it shows how political demands set the pace in peoples lives. Politics shouldn’t take over that much, because we are all human beings. I wouldn't like to live to live in a dictatorship where the government has everything and the people have nothing. That’s why people riot and protest, because people are not satisfied and are standing up for their rights When we can come together and share thoughts, ideas, and live as one, no matter what religion you worship, or what songs like you like, what dance you prefer, then the world would be a better place. We the musicans, the people of the arts, we go out and do this. I think there is hope for this.

Q3. You have travelled around the world both as a solo artist and as part of Boney M. How has this strengthened your understanding of cultural differences?

Very much. I still have the need, after forty years in the business, have the need to meet people, to learn about other cultures. It’s still fresh for me.

источник: www.culturaldiplomacy.org

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