вторник, 10 марта 2009 г.

Marcia Barrett выпустила новый сингл с ремиксами "Seeing Is Believing"

На днях нами был получен пресс-лист от менеджмента XOAH Records относительно выхода нового сингла солистки Boney M. Марсии Баррэтт (Marcia Barrett). Продажи ремикс-версий композиции "Seeing Is Believing" с её альбома "Survival" (1999) начались в крупнейших онлайн-ресурсах платных цифровых загрузок. Желающие приобрести новую работу Марсии могут сделать это, кликнув на заголовок сообщения.

Dear Fans and friends of Marcia Barrett! Dear Boney M fans!

Finally the long waiting has soon an end! The charismatic Boney M lead- and backing vocalist, Marcia Barrett, is back with new music. Her first release on xoah records is the song "Seeing Is Believing". Some of you have heard that song before as Marcia has already recorded that track for her solo album "Survival" back in 1999. Now the song has gotten a new, beautiful treatment - it sounds fresh, powerful and is very dancable. The new track is taken from her forthcoming new album that will be released in spring 2009.

Written by Marcia and her husband Marcus James (former bass player for Eddy Grant) she says “We wanted to vent our feelings as to the topic which combines Love, Jealousy, Betrayal and Tricks which occur in people’s everyday lives from time to time unfortunately. We wrote the track around a distorted Love story. Other aspects in life’s journey also depicts what it entails.”

Next to the main version, the original track from 1999 (siren's mix) is enclosed as well as an alternative mix (moscowita mix) on this forthcoming single release from xoah records. The new versions were produced by the talented Arkady Sarkisyan from Moscow.

“Seeing Is Believing” will be available from March, 6th 2009 at most download stores worldwide such as iTunes, musicload, amazon mp3, play.com etc.. as well as in our xoah music store.

The funky diva is back and we say:

PS: you can request the song on many of the radio stations throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And of course forwarding that e-mail to your friends is deeply appreciated.

Tracklisting :
1. Seeing Is Believing (radio mix)
2. Seeing Is Believing (moscowita mix)
3. Seeing Is Believing (siren's mix)

www.marciabarrettofboneym.com (Marcias personal page)
www.boneymsite.com (booking portal)
www.marciabarrettsite.com (fanclub)
www.dooload.com (exclusive worldwide digital distributor)

1-2.пресс-релиз нового сингла Марсии Баррэтт

Marcia Barrett в телешоу DIE HIT GIGANTEN (Sat1, 2009)

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