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DW-TV определило TOP10 наиболее успешных хитов, произведённых в Германии

Сегодня немецкий телеканал DW-TV (официальный государственный рупор Германии), транслирующийся через глобальную спутниковую сеть, а также в Интернете, показал очередной выпуск программы popXport. Там были представлены самые популярные хиты, произведённые в Германии и попавшие в международные чарты TOP10.
Согласно классификации, прежде всего учитывались позиции этих хитов в наиболее значимых и престижных музыкальных рынках (США, Великобритания, Япония). Возможно, это не самая адекватная оценка популярности, поскольку, например, самый продаваемый международный хит Boney M. "Rivers of Babylon" (более 20 миллионов копий), не попал в этот TOP10. И только лишь потому, что в США он поднялся до TOP30. Но в общемировой классификации это был куда более внушительный хит.
Зато N1 оказалась немецкоязычная Nena с её единственным международным хитом "99 Luftballons". Сравнивать это с достижениями Boney M., NO MERCY или MILLI VANILLI просто смешно (Nena была N2 в США, в то время как MILLI VANILLI имели целых три хита N1 в поп-чарте Billboard).
Тем не менее в итоговом TOP10 всё-равно оказалось сразу два проеката Фрэнка Фариана. Это NO MERCY с "Where Do You Go?" (1996) и MILLI VANILLI с хитом "Girl, I’m Gonna Miss You" (1989). Соответственно, они заняли N8 и N2 в итоговом чарте по версии DW-TV.

popXport (DW-TV, 13/06/2015)

The Top Ten German Hits Worldwide: Since 1970 more than 800 German singles have made it into the international charts, including those in the biggest global markets: the USA, the UK, and Japan. From dancefloor to new age, from rock to pop, we present the most important hits.

Number 10: Haddaway - What is Love 
This Eurodance classic made Alexander Nestor Haddaway famous in 1992. Born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Washington D.C., he eventually ended up in Cologne. He earned a living with bar jobs and playing in an American Football team before being discovered by Coconut Records. Haddaway’s first hit would also prove to be his biggest, selling over 2.6 million copies worldwide.

Number 9: Donna Summer - I Feel Love 
LaDonna Adrian Gaines started out in music singing in a Boston gospel choir. In 1968 she moved to Munich to perform in a production of "Hair”. After marrying her colleague Helmuth Sommer, her new surname was by chance turned into "Summer” - and with the help of Giorgio Moroder’s electronic disco sound, a star was born. By the time she died in 2012 Donna Summer had sold around 130 million records.

Number 8: No Mercy - Where Do You Go 
Already boasting a sizeable roster of successful past acts, in 1995 producer Frank Farian assembled No Mercy. While also recruited for their looks and dancing skills, unlike Milli Vanilli and other Farian creations the trio actually sang on their records. And what better place to find young talents like that than a club in Miami Beach, where the impresario discovered frontman Marty Cintron.

Number 7: Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F. 
A Bavarian who made it big in Hollywood. After graduating from music college Harald Faltermeyer moved to the US, where he went on to pen tunes for major movies such as Top Gun and Running Man. His very first single, however, was the theme tune for the 1984 blockbuster Beverly Hills Cop. ”Axel F”, incidentally, is a reference to the main character, Axel Foley.

Number 6: Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 
Michael Cretu stormed the charts in 1991 with a New Age project by the name of Enigma. The single "Sadeness Part 1” alone shifted over 5 million copies. Reflecting the puzzling band name, Cretu kept his identity secret for months. The vocals of the mystery woman at the mike, however, were easier to recognize: she was none other than 1980s German pop goddess Sandra - Cretu’s producer and wife.

Number 5: Scorpions - Wind of Change 
To this day the classic Rock ballad by the Scorpions is commonly associated with the fall of Berlin Wall. It was not in fact released until a year later, in November 1990 - but the song’s lyrics certainly do address the thaw in relations between East and West, as witnessed by frontman Klaus Meine at a festival in Moscow. A song very much in the spirit of the times.

Number 4: Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5 
Munich-born singer David Lubega acquired a taste for mambo while spending time in Miami in his late teens. And he spread both the sound and the love in 1999 - thanks to ”a little bit of ” Pamela, Sandra, Rita et al. The crooner won ladies’ hearts as well as a string of platinum discs as he topped the charts all over Europe and elsewhere, even though he would be unable to repeat the success.

Number 3: Snap! - The Power 
Searing female vocals, a rapper and a pumping house beat: all the ingredients that in 1990 saw Snap! epitomize the Eurodance genre. The project was the brainchild of Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti. The Frankfurt producer duo penned various #1 hits, including ”Rhythm Is A Dancer” ”Ooops Up” and ”Mary Had a Little Boy”. Their greatest, hit, however, was ”(I’ve Got) The Power”.

Number 2: Milli Vanilli - Girl I’m Gonna Miss You 
This duo’s name stands for the biggest scandal ever in German pop music history. In 1988 producer Frank Farian signed dancers Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus to front Milli Vanilli. The duo landed a number of hits including "Girl I’m Gonna Miss You”. Two years later, however, it emerged that they had been lip-synching and never actually sang on the records - and Milli Vanilli’s career was over.

Number 1: Nena - 99 Luftballons 
Nena were a Neue Deutsche Welle based in West Berlin - an appropriate backdrop for their global pro-peace hit ”99 Luftballons” in the mid-1980s, with the Cold War still in full swing. After making it to #2 in the US, the band re-recorded the single in English - and the new version ”99 Red Balloons” promptly topped the charts in the UK too in 1984.

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