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Maizie Williams представила хиты Boney M. в Омане

5 февраля "нефтяное королевство" Оман принимало звезду оригинального состава Boney M. Мэйзи Уилльямс (Maizie Williams) с её группой в столице государства Маскате бурными овациями и морем дружелюбных улыбок поклонников.
Во всяком случае именно так описывает прошедшее LIVE-шоу местная пресса.
И хотя многие из пришедших на концерт родились после заката эпохи disco, легендарные хиты группы до сих пор звучат на вечеринках и в дискотеках стран Ближнего Востока. Неугасающему успеху Boney M. также способствуют ремикс-версии модных ди-джеев, лучшие из которых уже обессмертили имя карибской четвёрки в XXI столетии.

For an hour on Thursday night it felt like the late 1970s in Muscat as Boney M. took to the stage at the Oman Automobile Association, taking the audience on a time traveling journey with their retro music. 
Led by original Boney M. member Maizie Williams, the group, which now includes Kelly Rahman, Zara Leigh and Samantha Scott, entertained the crowd with a number of their biggest hits, starting with Sunny, and then launching into Daddy-Cool, which had everyone singing along. 
Rahman was clad in a bright orange suit, while the three women dazzled the audience with their glittering golden gowns that were reminiscent of disco balls and big hair, maintaining the classic image of the iconic 1970s band. 


Maizie Williams proved that after nearly 40 years in show-business she still has the power to work a crowd.
She stepped down off the stage and sang among the audience, who not only danced around her but whipped out their mobiles to take selfies and videos with her. She seemed to thrive on the attention, smiling as she made her way through the excited fans. 

Perfect place

She was also happy to be back in Oman, a country she admired for its friendly, hospitable people and gorgeous sun and sea, which she said was the perfect place for a holiday, right before the band sang Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi Holiday! 
Though many of the fans in the crowd were born long after Boney M.'s most popular years in the 1970s and 1980s, they could still sing along with the catchy songs, many of which are still heard at clubs or parties as well as used in various remixes. 
The band performed a number of hits including the tale of Ma Baker, the politically-charged Belfast, and the Swahili favourite Malaika. 
The audience went especially wild for Brown Girl in the Ring and Rasputin, cheering loudly and joining in on the refrains.
The concert wound down with Williams' own favourite song from the Boney M. repertoire, Rivers of Babylon, its lyrics staying in people's minds long after they had left the venue, keeping the spirit of the 1970s with them throughout the night.  
The music programme was organsied by Black & White.

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