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Marcia Barrett (Boney M.) и Precious Wilson (ERUPTION) поздравили своих поклонников с Рождеством и Новым годом

Накануне новогодних праздников солистки легендарных проектов Фрэнка Фариана (Frank Farian) Boney M. и ERUPTION опубликовали специальные обращения для поклонников их творчества.

Марсия Баррэтт (Marcia Barrett), среди прочего, упомянула о том, как обстоят дела с выпуском её двойного альбома на CD. Пока имеются проблемы с рекрод-лэйблом из-за некоторых аспектов публикации материала. Однако имеется надежда, что менеджменту певицы удастся договориться с каким-либо издательством и выпустить материал на приемлемых для Марсии условиях.

Dearest Fanmily and Friends,

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way - can you hear them? What a beautiful sound of that special time of year again. Christmas is only a couple of days away but I have to say HELLO! as usual, which is a ritual for me over the years.

I enjoy keeping in touch with you by writing my notes on the occasions that I do because I k...now you read them even if we haven`t seen each other for years or not even having the chance to meet face to face as yet, which is always a possibility with GOD`S will. Let`s keep HOPE ALIVE!

Let me sincerely hope that everybody are keeping well and on top of life`s game with all the sad, disappointing news globally that is fed down our throats day after day when we least expect such mental turbulences but have to deal with it in our way, which is the only way. I find it a good method in keeping the FAITH, with some TOLERANCE which enhances PEACE and LOVE for each other.

My team and I have just arrived back from Cyprus where we presented another heart fulfilling show that was enthusiastically received from "Boney M" fans in Cyprus. OH! what a lovely country. The people are very warm and peacefully natured, which gave me a certain calm after a stressful journey with four flights in three days. Our show made up for everything though and we enjoyed the entire trip. Thank you Cyprus for your kind hospitality during our stay.

Now Fanmily! let me give you an insight of what`s delaying the release of my "Double CD" entitled "SEASONS". I`m searching for publishers who can get what I have to offer after so many years in the "Music Business" with experience in doing my job with perfection.

I`ll go on to say that it seems as if these A & R representatives are not OR do not understand to market a "BODY OF WORK" instead of just a single, thrown out on the market every six weeks - like the "FAST FOOD" conveyer belt productions rather than having a nutritious meal with a good glass of wine , being enhanced with a lovely atmosphere.

I have "Total Respect" for my work with my husband Marcus and all the established composers, musicians and performing artistes who collaborated on this seasoned 40 tracks "Double Cd" because they trusted me with their songs to re-produce or to portray them which they composed for me as an established songstress / composer and entertainer.

At this point of my career, I will not be abused any longer with this digital exploitation that has taken over our "Music Business". I can wait and I know that you can, in trusting my faith that the right time is indeed neigh for us to enjoy the fulfilment thereof. This body of work is indeed timeless so we don`t have to rush to get on the band wagon of today. The race is not for the swift but for those who will get to the winning point, no matter if it takes a bit longer!

Let me leave that chapter for now until I can announce the arrival of our "CD" when GOD permits dear fanmily and friends. Let`s look forward to celebrating a "Merry Christmas" and a Healthy, Happy "New Year" 2015. On this note, sing together with me "Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad - Prospero año y Felizidad!

To all my team mates behind my websites including my "Facebook" page as well as all my other team mates who are contributing to my "Solo Project" with me on stage - a "BIG THANK YOU" with GOD`s BLESSINGS!

New photos will be coming soon.


Что касается Прэшес Уилсон (Precious Wilson), то она ограничилась традиционным новогодним посланием (также и на видео) в своём блоге на facebook, где выразила благодарность своим фанам за поддержку и пожелала всяческимх успехов в 2015-м. 

Dear Friends,
Season's greetings!
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
All the best, enjoy your Christmas.
A special thanks to all you fans all around the world, for your support and interest, that has enabled me stay on stage for all these years; I want you to know that I'm really grateful and I appreciate it!
So all the best, enjoy your Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I’ll see you all in 2015.
Warmest regards,
Precious x

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