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Maizie Williams выступит в Омане

Участница оригинального состава Boney M. Мэйзи Уилльмс (Maizie Williams) выступит в столице государства Оман городе Мускат.
Об этом сообщает местная пресса, напоминая своим читателям, что Boney M. - один из немногих западных поп-проектов 70-х-80-х, добившихся широкой популярности на Ближнем Востоке. Причём о легендарной группе Фрэнка Фариана (Frank Farian) там помнят по сей день.
Неслучайно бывшие участники квартета уже неоднократно гастролировали в богатых "нефтяных" странах этого региона.
Как отмечают различные информационные ресурсы султаната Оман, к настоящему времени Boney M. продали около 160 миллионов альбомов и синглов.
Концерт Boney M. feat.Maizie Williams в Мускате состоится 5 февраля.   

Boney M performing in Muscat! Come February 5, and history will be created in Muscat as original Boney M band member, Maizie Williams,  will lead a nine-member troupe for a first-ever performance in Oman that is expected to break all records of live concerts held by western bands in Oman in the past. Black and White magazine has taken up the ambitious task to bring Maizie and her troupe to perform Boney M's greatest hits live, to revive the disco fever of the 1970s at the Oman Automobile Association grounds where a thronging audience is expected to attend. Tickets for the event are selling like hot cakes as every single yesteryear Boney M fan is making all effort to grab hold of tickets to attend the band's maiden concert in Oman.

According to B&W, necessary research has been done to understand the culture and the specific dos and don'ts pertaining to Oman, before inviting the band to the Sultanate. Care has been taken to ensure that the performances and styles/costumes adhere to the relevant standards and traditions of Oman, while the songs and the music they bring to the audiences satiates not just the ears, but also the soul. And, once they get into the swing of things, it is the music that takes precedence above all.

Maizie and her troupe will belt out all of the great 70's/80's hits of Boney M that remain popular to this day. These include the catchy numbers like Sunny, Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday, Daddy Cool, Ma Baker, Belfast, Brown Girl in the Ring, No Woman No Cry, Rasputin, Rivers of Babylon, Gotta Go Home, Malaika, I Shall Sing, Painter Man, Bahama Mama, One Love, and more.

A troupe of 17, including artistes and production team, is arriving in Oman for this show. This includes Maizie who is not just the original band member but also its oldest performing member who will be leading a team of nine artistes. 

Boney M, a quartet originally created by German record producer Frank Farian in the early 70s, included Jamaican-born singers Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett, besides Maizie Williams from Montserrat and Bobby Farrell from Aruba. Formed in 1976, the group shot to fame instantly to unleash a craze during the disco decade (late 1970s to early 1980s). 

Since then, following the break up of the band, various line-ups of the band have performed with different personnel at concerts held all over the world over the past three decades.

Take the Heat off Me, was the first album of Boney M, released in 1976 which received a poor response. However, it was the groups spirited concert tours which announced their arrival as a band to reckon with. It was1978 that became the group›s biggest year when  'Rivers of Babylon' and 'Brown Girl in the Ring' in a new two-sided album hit the scene to become all-time hits and one of the best selling singles of all time in the UK. Nightflight to Venus, with hit singles like 'Rasputin' and 'Painter Man' was their next successful album which was followed by another hit like 'Mary›s Boy Child - Oh My Lord' that became an all-time favourite following the Christmas of 1978. 

Maizie Williams, who has expressed delight to be in Muscat for the February 5 concert, in an email chat with Hi Weekly revealed that her troupe has been to the Middle East before, though this would be their very first visit to Oman.

When asked about the format and selection of numbers for this concert, Maizie simply said "This is a Boney M show – full of energy, with all the well-loved hits, fantastic costumes! It will be a great stage performance." About the all-time hits which fans can expect at the concert, Maizie said "We will perform many of our most popular songs such as Daddy Cool, Ma Baker and Rivers of Babylon. Because the original group is not together anymore, there is no new material – just the same well-loved songs that has been played all around the world."

She also confirmed that a large troupe is flying in for the show in Muscat with a supporting act and live musicians that have been working with the group for many years. "We are a great team and have fun together. The Boney M performance will contain some high tech props for sure – but I cannot reveal too much at this stage!" she laughed.

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