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Звезда Болливуда предпочитает слушать Boney M. на виниле

Звезда Болливуда, индийская актриса Амрита Рао, рассказала журналистам о своей страсти к коллекционированию виниловых пластинок. Любопытно, что одной из главных жемчужин её солидного собрания являются диски Boney M. 

В 1970-х её дядя купил проигрыватель и собрал огромную коллекцию пластинок. Когда Амрита была ребёнком, она часто слышала записи Boney M., которые  звучали в их доме. С тех пор к проекту Фрэнка Фариана у неё сложилось особо трепетное отношение.
Когда дядин проигрыватель сломался, она накопила денег и выкупила его для себя. Потом она отнесла его мастеру, который отремонтировал плеер. С тех пор она стала заядлой филофонисткой и постоянно пополняла свою коллекцию виниловых LP.
"Аналоговый звук с пластинок несравним ни с чем.", - говорит 31-летняя актриса. - "Именно LP позволяют в полной мере оценить всю мощь и неповторимость золотой эры музыки".

Actress Amrita Rao has got an unusual hobby. She collects Long Play records, the format which is designed for gramophone records. Amrita says her hobby of collecting LP has grown since the past 6 years. The 31 years old actress says that the interest of LP collection grew because of her uncle.
Her uncle Ajay Pratap ji, purchased a record player in the 1970s and had a huge collection of the LPs. And when Amrita was a child, she can recall, her uncle used to play Boney M’s records. Boney M is a group of vocalists formed by Frank Farian, German record producer. He also used to play records of the American singer Elvis Presley, whenever she and other children went to meet uncle. But when the recorder stopped functioning, Amrita bought it for herself and repaired it from Chor Bazaar. Since then Amrita is growing her LP collection.
The sound of LP is just incomparable says Ms Rao. She can access to the golden era of music with the help of it. The sound of an LP is very distinct from cassettes or cds. The regal charm of LP attracts the actress. Amrita has already collected 50 LPs till date. She has in the collection “Guide” by Dev Anand, “Khel Khel Mein” by Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. She gets all LPs from Chor Bazaar. The latest addition to her collection is Elvis. She listens to the Boney M record the most. Also she loves to hear Elvis a lot, which has his songs and interview collections. Now, Rao wants to add Beatles to her collection.
As we know, Vinyl records are very delicate, and most be preserved with a lot of care. So Amrita has a special place at her house where she keeps all her LPs safely. There is a specially designed rack to keep the LPs in her house. Its in her bedroom, just beneath the LP player. Amrita also is very particular about the cleaning of the records and taking care of each piece. Since the records are so delicate, Amrita is too possessive about them, and never shares them with anyone.
Amrita Rao made a mark in B-Town with her roles in “Ishq Vishk” and “Main Hoon Na”, but since then she has failed to impress her in any of her films till date. She debuted opposite Aarya Babbar in “Ab Ke Baras” in 2002. Her last release was “Love U…Mr Kalakaar!” last year.

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